My Kool Kitchen 

    of The Gulf Coast

Enjoy a Free Case of Coke or Pepsi Compliments of My Kool Kitchen!

What's The Catch?... Well, it's actually pretty easy... We've found that if we give some stuff away, people remember us =) All we ask in return is to borrow 5 minutes and give you a quick preview of a kitchen gadget. It's not even for sale, so there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for you to purchase or pay for. It's just our way of getting our brand name out there. We get some word of mouth advertising and you get a FREE CASE of soft drinks... That's fair enough isn't it?

Want a Kool Kitchen?... Check This Out...

Our 5 Cone Kitchen Cutter does over 200 different cuts and is fun and economical to use. 


  • 5 T304 Stainless Steel Cones: Shredder, Stringer, French Fry Cutter, Slicer, & Waffler
  • Cones Are Dishwasher Safe
  • Protective Finger Guard
  • Large Suction Cup Base
  • Beautiful Chrome Finish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty